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Bar Mitzvah, Reception & Cocktail Party Management

  • Researching, contacting, presenting to you, and negotiating with your vendor and venues including the bar mitzvah location, cocktail reception venue, any restaurants, entertainment, florists, videographer, photographer, hairstylists, makeup artist, and any others.
  • Managing the event contracts with your chosen venues and vendors. Working closely with you to plan all event details including ceremony, venue setups, menus, location, entertainment, pricing, décor, and schedule/timing.
  • Performing pre-event coordination with all your chosen vendors to plan every detail.
  • Working closely with the venues and your floral and space decorator on event aesthetics and setup.
  • Meeting with you upon your visit to Israel and visiting locations with you.
  • Arranging a food tasting with you (if the caterers provide this). If you cannot not attend, I will do this with a group of people and report back with detailed photos and descriptions.
  • Providing you with an Excel spreadsheet with vendor deposit and payment statuses, vendor payment preferences (CC, cash, check, wire, Paypal), currency ($, NIS), and timing of all vendor payments.
  • Managing the payments onsite (you will either send the money to me in advanced or provide cash in envelopes for those who require cash and I will make sure they are paid).
  • Providing you with a detailed schedule for the Bar Mitzvah, reception and cocktail party.
  • Being onsite for the entire Bar Mitzvah and cocktail party to make sure that vendors come and do their job, the places are clean aesthetically pleasing, the schedule is followed, there is timely flow from one setting to the next, the service staff does their jobs correctly, issues are dealt with, and the events are successful!
  • Planning with you, sourcing products, buying, packaging and handling delivery for the special details of the event such as candy centerpieces or a sweets table, welcome bags with snacks, personalized gifts and labels (luggage tags, candles, hats, backpacks, t-shirts, towels) thematic décor, monogrammed kippot, and any favors. I can also manage designers and create for you an airport welcome sign, bus signs for your group, logos on stickers for the welcome bags and other items, and more!

Bar Mitzvah, Reception & Cocktail Party Management deposit- Leathem

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Due to the fact that work will be performed immediately upon receipt of deposit, if event is cancelled within three months of this deposit, you will be refunded 50%.  If event is cancelled after three months of receipt, the deposit will be forfeited.  Should the event be cancelled after the second and final payment is made, the second payment will be return in full (minus credit card fees) up to 15 days before the event. 

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