Event Venues & Restaurants with Private Rooms

When people come to Israel to celebrate a milestone event such as a bar/bat mitzvah, wedding or birthday, they are looking for something special about the venue that is unique to Israel.  It could be a view of the Old City or ancient Caesaria. It may be the enchanted forests or breezy Mediterranean sea.  It may have Jerusalem stone wall, eclectic shabby chic decor or gourmet Middle Eastern fusion cuisine. Or it could be the experience the venue creates, such as biblical tent among the Judean Desert's ancient ruins.  The venues below, all have that something special that expresses Israel's distinct character and beauty.


Mt. Zion Hotel

The elegant Mount Zion Hotel with its beautiful historical architecture, Middle Eastern interior d├ęcor, and panoramic views of the Old City walls make a memorable Jerusalem experience for your event.  You can have an entirely private bar or bat mitzvah service in the Villa's beautiful flowered garden.  Celebratory dancing and hors d'oeuvres can take place there as well with a sumptuous buffet and seating in the beautiful villa.  The Villa also has majestically appointed bedrooms upstairs, so the host can retire in luxury after their fabulous event.  The Banquet Garden hosts outdoor weddings for up to 500 diners, and the King David Hall is another beautiful private Jerusalem stone structure adjacent to the hotel with a view of Mt. Zion from its large outdoor patio.  

Beit Shmuel, Blaustein Hall

The Blaustein Hall, designed by international award-winning architect Moshe Safdie, is a large event space with a extraordinary glass dome panoramic window/ceiling providing a spectacular view of Jerusalem's Old City. With the Jaffa Gate and the Tower of David at its center, guest have views of Jerusalem's historic and active scenery. Events taking place in the hall can accommodate 50 to 350 guests seated around tables. The terrace, also with an open panoramic view of the Tower of David, accommodates an additional 120 people. From the outside, it is a landmark location, with its glass dome in the center of Jerusalem's finest area, near the Mamilla and between the King David and the David Citidel Hotels.

Terasa at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center

The Terasa restaurant and event space is in Menachem Begin Heritage Center, which on the western slope of the Hinnom Valley, overlooking Mount Zion and the Old City of Jerusalem. The combination of stunning scenery and delicious Israeli and Italian dairy cuisine makes Terasa a great Jerusalem event space.  In the winter, Terasa hosts up to 150 guests indoors. The rest of the year, they offer access to the terrace, overlooking the city walls, for 300 sit down guests.


Olmaya stands right upon the Tayelet Haas Promenade, the most panoramic view Jerusalem. It's entire wall is a window to this view, a completely transparent and modern glass cube structure that enables a view from anywhere in the venue.  It's retractable roof incorporates the outside skies, so there is a feeling of being in nature, all year round.  The surrounding  private gardens on the Tayelet are also used for outdoor events. Olmaya's large indoor space is a blank slate to be designed based upon your dream event. With a celebrity chef Yankale Turjeman from 1868 Restaurant, Olmaya delivers spectacular gourmet cuisine along with quality service, plating and presentation in a gorgeous setting.

Between the Arches/Bein Hakshatot

Between the Arches is the perfect place for a celebratory lunch after a bar or bat mitzvah ceremony at the Western Wall. It is a two minute walk from the Western Wall, through ancient arches near the Kotel tunnels.  The restaurant's main room is underground, encased in the ancient stones of Old City.  The restaurant preserves that feeling with glass tables that contain artifacts and lamps shaped like ancient menorah.  The Israeli and Italian dairy and fish offerings are fresh, delicious and authentic. The management and service is friendly and the prices are reasonable. 

Harp of David/Nevel David

Just outside of the Jerusalem Old City Zion gate, the historical Harp of David' building invites you through a mysterious, artistic brass door. Inside, there is a large open space where you can just imagine Abraham and Sarah sheltering with their hosts for a glorious biblical meal after being outside in the windy sandy desert.  Also inside is another smaller, more narrow arched stone hall, where you can imagine a long table with King David presiding.  The ancient building also has a rooftop with an unbelievable view of Jerusalem and the Mount of Olives.  The space, the former art studio the owner's parent, keeps art collections and holds pottery workshops during events for children. It is perfect for an event where you want to feel like you are deeply part of the old world of biblical Jerusalem. It also allows people t bring a Kosher caterer of their choice. 

Han Eretz Hamirdafim

Your celebration in Israel can be a unique and authentic Israel experience by having a party in the desert. Han Eretz Hamirdafim is a glamping (glamorous camping) area in the Judean Desert where you can also have celebrations in the Bedouin tent or under the stars and open sky.  You can make it what you want, with a mobile gourmet chef, musicians, biblical drummer's circle, fire and light show, and more.  You can also spend the night there in the high-end camping accommodations.

Wine Temple

Located in the Jerusalem's German Colony, Wine Temple is an underground gem. It is the arched cellar of a Templar building, built in 1874.  It served as a successful winery and wine cellar, where the Templars produced wine and exported it from the Holy Land to Europe.  The minimalistic decor brings out the authenticity of the space and couples it with the best wines from Israel and abroad.  The space offers guests a real Jerusalem atmosphere surrounded by an impressive display of exclusive wines assorted by grape species. The VIP room hosts 20 guests while the main room can seat 80 and stand 120.  The professional staff will share the knowledge and love of wine.  Your event can be as casual or high-end as you and your caterer create.  

Jerusalem Vineyard Winery at the Montefiore Windmill

The Montefiore flour Windmill, located outside the Old City's wall in the quaint neighborhood of Mishkenot Sha'ananim or Yemen Moshe, is a Jerusalem icon and landmark. It was built in 1857 on a slope opposite Jerusalem's western city walls.  It was named after British Jewish banker and philanthropist Moses Montefiore, who was instrumental in erecting the neighborhood during Ottoman-ruled Palestine. It was restored in 2012 by a Dutch company and can actually mill wheat. In 2018, the Jerusalem Vineyard Winery took over the windmill, put a tasting room inside and built a deck outside for guests to drink wine and enjoy the spectacular view. There is no better view in Jerusalem for your outdoor private catered event.